10 Cool Facts About Mario The Video Game

He is bright, he is cheerful and one of the most recognized characters who is the main protagonist of the most popular video game franchise ever Super Mario Bros (Mario the video game) . Yes, we are talking about Mario. We thought it only fitting to compile a list of the 10 interesting facts about Mario in light of the release of The Super Mario Bros Movie Official Teaser Trailer.

10 – First Debut & Success

Mario was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and it initially debuted in Donkey Kong, in 1981.

When Nintendo hired Miyamoto in 1977 as a graphic artist, the business had a number of early coin-operated games that had failed to gain traction in the lucrative arcade industry.

 10 Cool Facts About Super Mario Bros Video Game

The Radar Scope hardware from an earlier arcade game that disappeared in the US was used to make Donkey Kong. The shooting theme was dropped in favor of an ape and rolling barrels by Miyamoto. Success came naturally thereafter.

9 – Mario’s Original Name

Jumpman was Mario’s initial name. However, while Nintendo was trying to come up with a better name for the game’s American release, they were interrupted by their landlord, Mario Segale, after whom the character was named.

8 – Mario’s Original Profession

 10 Cool Facts About Super Mario Bros Video Game
Dr. Mario

Originally, Mario was a carpenter rather than a plumber. He also made an appearance as a doctor in the Dr Mario puzzle game from 1990 and its follow-ups.

7 – Mario’s Appearance

Mario’s appearance in Mario the video game is entirely determined by the graphical limitations of the technology of the time. He sports a moustache to attract emphasis to his nose, a hat since it was impossible to show real hair, and dungarees to accentuate his arm movements. He has a brown shirt below his overalls in Super Mario Bros., a style that was quickly dropped.

6 – Mario as a Villain

The only video game in which Mario is portrayed as the antagonist is Donkey Kong Jr., the 1982 follow-up to Donkey Kong.

Mario even sports a particularly twisted moustache in the game’s promotional materials to emphasize his evil side.

5 – Mario’s Nemesis

The arch-enemy of Mario, Bowser, also known as King Koopa, was first shown by Miyamoto as an Ox, but animator Yoichi Kotabe mistook one of the Miyamoto’s designs for a turtle.

mario the video game
Bowser [Image Credit mario.nintendo.com]

On the latter idea, the pair worked together to develop the Bowser that is familiar today. However, contrary to popular belief, he is a turtle and not a dragon.

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4 – Mario’s  Bad Version

mario the video game fun facts
Wario [Image Credit: mario.nintendo.com]

Mario the video game had a version called Super Mario Land 2 for the Game Boy. It introduced Wario, the unruly version of Mario, as a foe. Hiroji Kiyotake, who also developed Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series, was responsible for his design. The name Wario blends Mario and the Japanese adverb “warui,” which means “evil.”

3 – Mario’s Mushroom World

The long-running and dynamic fantasy realm of Miyamoto, Mushroom World, originally appeared in Super Mario the video game. The concept of Mario growing bigger and more powerful when he “eats” a super mushroom originates from mythology and folklore about magical foods.

2 – Mario’s Worldwide Sale

The Super Mario Bros (Mario the video game) franchise is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular gaming franchise ever. It currently counts over 240 million units sold worldwide.

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1 – Mario’s Theme Music

The title tune for Mario the video game, also referred to as the “Ground Theme,” is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of gaming music ever produced. The song was played live in concert by orchestras, and it spent 125 weeks at the top of the Billboard ringtone charts.

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