Top 5 Legendary Bikes of India That Made People Go Crazy

Bikers in India have a deep and abiding affection for motorbikes, especially the legendary bikes of India enjoy a great fan following. India ranks high among the world’s largest markets for motorcycles. Numerous firms have been exerting effort in the hopes of gaining a foothold in the very valuable Indian market.

It is the home of the biggest two-wheeler maker in the world. There have been many duds and fantastic motorcycles that delight motorcyclists throughout the years. We saw the rise to the cult status of several motorcycle icons. Here we’ll take a look at five classic motorcycles that have stood the test of time and inspired awe and devotion from fans new and old. Our countdown of the Top 5 Legendary Bikes of India.

Legendary Bikes of India

Let us check out our Top 5 picks for the best legendary bikes of India. We picked these bikes because of their legendary status, the impact they had on the Indian two-wheeler industry as a whole, and the cultural importance that they have come to hold as a result of their history.

5 – Bajaj Pulsar

Legendary Bikes of India
Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc

It must have been the ‘Definitely Male’ Bajaj Pulsar if there was any bike in the early 2000s that caused people to inquire “kitna bhagti hai?” instead of “Kitna deti hai?” Not only did it dive wholeheartedly into the rapidly developing 150cc market at the time, but it also took things one step beyond that and provided us with a 180cc variation. Pulsar felt like a true macho bike at that time. Since that time, Pulsar has developed into its own brand within Bajaj’s product line and has become the company’s symbol for its high-performance models.

4 – Jawa/ Yezdi

Legendary Bikes of India
Yezdi Roadking [Image: Google.com]

The Jawa 250 Type ‘A’, like the legendary Bullet, was a foreign motorbike that began being made under license in India. The journey began in 1960, and Jawa was able to escape export limitations imposed by the communist regime in its original nation of Czechoslovakia, eventually outliving the country itself. This is where the legend originated. In the 1970s, the firm made the decision to Indianize its path, and in the same decade, its plant in Mysore began producing motorbikes under the name Yezdi. Roadking was the most prolific model produced by Yezdi, and it was just as popular as its predecessors.

It was powered by a 250 cc two-stroke pocket rocket that had a very distinctive sound, and it gave exhilarating performance levels for its day. The fact that the company’s two strokes continue to have a cult following even in modern times and that both brand names have proven to be famous enough to warrant revival is evidence of the company’s history.

3 – Hero Honda CD 100

Legendary Bikes of India
Hero Honda CD 100

Over one hundred million Hero motorcycles have been purchased since the company was founded, making Hero Motor Corp. the world’s biggest maker of two-wheeled vehicles. But none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for the legendary Hero Honda CD 100.

When everyone else was preoccupied with determining the optimal ratio of petrol to oil for their two-stroke bikes, the company released its modest, ultra-frugal 97-cc four-stroke bike and directed purchasers to “fill it, shut it, and forget it.” The advertising effort was undoubtedly successful since the CD 100 continued to be sold for over two decades and also because it was the progenitor of India’s most successful motorcycle to date, the Splendor.

2 – Yamaha RX100

Legendary Bikes of India
Yamaha RX 100

The era of two-stroke motorbikes in India calls to mind iconic brands like the RD350 and the Suzuki Shogun. If you do happen to encounter a two-stroke motorcycle cruising about on our roads in this day and age, there is a good probability that it is a Yamaha RX 100. When compared to the other bikes on this list, its very limited manufacturing run makes it quite an accomplishment.

Fans went absolutely nuts for its one-of-a-kind firing sound. In the eleven years beginning in 1985, the RX 100  garnered a following not just due to the fact that it was a lightweight and powerful motorcycle, but also for the reason that it was an easy bike to modify. It became a youth icon of sorts and one of the legendary bikes of India in true sense.

Did You Know?

Who knows had the bike not changed from its original version, it could have been one of the legendary bikes of India.

1 – Royal Enfield Bullet

Legendary Bikes of India
Royal Enfield Bullet

The name of the storied Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle reverberates through the homes of most Indians. In 1955, it was brought to India to be used by our military services and police forces; even after the original UK activities ceased, it has continued to be manufactured in India.

Even though the world is moving at a breakneck speed all around it, the famous Bullet and its offspring, such as the Classic, have been able to preserve their rough-hewn, manly appeal while at the same time acquiring just the right amount of modernization to ensure that they remain contemporary.

With Royal Enfield hard at work on the next-gen Bullet, this No. 1 amongst the legendary bikes of India has a bright future ahead of it. It is one of the legendary bikes of India that maintains a steady synchronicity with the progress of time.

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