Authentic Looking Sniper Army Toy Gun Set

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  • Cap Size 90 Cm
  • Excellent Plastic
  • Laser Disco Light Googles Silencer

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Rebel Against Boredom with a Sniper Army Toy Gun Set

Get ready for a thrilling battle experience with this amazingly detailed and realistic sniper army toy gun set! With its sturdy design, this toy gun set is perfectly safe for playtime both indoors and outdoors. Let your kids become the ultimate snipers with long-range accuracy and high power!

Realistic & Educational Design: The toy features realistic sniper characteristics, like detailed life-like camouflage and the ability to shoot real bullets with a safety shield.

This toy gun set is designed with attention to detail and with safety in mind. It looks and acts like a real sniper rifle, but has a secure safety shield preventing your kids from shooting any unwanted bullets. The realistic design also teaches your child about the importance of accuracy, precision and calculation, while still providing fun and exciting playtime! 


Durable & High Quality Materials: Made with high quality plastic and metal components that are both durable and long lasting.

Every component of this sniper army toy gun set is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it can handle the toughest playtime conditions. The durable plastic and metal parts are also incredibly resistant to wear and tear, so rest assured that your kid’s new favourite toy will always stay in top condition – no matter what. Whether it’s roughhousing indoors or outdoors, this high quality sniper rifle is up for any challenge!

Suitable for Kids aged 5+: Perfect size and weight for children from 5 years old or above, so your kid won’t feel uncomfortable playing with it.

This sniper army toy gun set is perfectly sized and weighted so that it’s not too heavy for your kids to handle, but still big enough that they can really unleash their inner rebel! The two-handed design makes this rifle incredibly fun and easy to shoot, while the adjustable shoulder strap ensures complete comfort when playing. So grab yours now and start your own backyard battles – with no mess and plenty of thrills!

Safety Lock Feature: Ensures no accidental firing by only allowing a trigger pull when the safety is engaged for added peace of mind.

Don’t worry – this amazing toy gun set includes an extra layer of safety with its safety lock feature. This ensures that only when the safety is engaged can the trigger be pulled, giving you added peace of mind that your children won’t accidentally fire off their weapons. So your whole family can have fun firing at targets while remaining safe and secure!

Sniper Army Toy Gun Set
Sniper Army Toy Gun Set

Durable and high-quality materials.

This sniper army toy gun set is made with high-quality materials, meaning your kids can have hours of fun playing with these guns without worrying about them breaking. The durable plastic used to make the toy guns is sturdy and satisfyingly realistic, perfect for children aged 5 and up. With this set, you won’t just be getting a few toy guns -but also an extra 10 bullets for each gun to make sure that their ammunition never runs out!


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