Great Wall Mounting Ironing Board 2023


Everything You Need to Know About Wall Mounting Ironing Boards

Looking for an efficient way to keep your ironing board and keep your space neat? wall mounting ironing boards can be especially helpful in areas where floor space is limited. Find out all you need to know about correctly setting up this convenient option and how to make the most of out it here.

Choosing the Right Wall Mount Type.

When selecting the best wall mount for your iron board, it is important to take into account the weight of the iron board and make sure it is suitable for the wall mount type you are choosing. For lighter iron boards, a drywall anchor will generally be sufficient, while heavier iron boards may need a more reinforced anchor or even lag bolts. Ensure that your wall mount is properly fitted and can handle the weight in order to keep your iron board safe and secure.

How to Install a Wall Mounting Ironing Board.

Installing a wall mounting ironing board usually requires a few tools, such as a power drill, various sized screws and drywall anchors. Exact installation steps may vary slightly depending on the wall mount type and size of your ironing board. Begin by deciding where to place your ironing board, then measure and mark out the area for the wall mount on the wall. Using a leveler, ensure that marks are straight before beginning drill holes in each of marked spots. Finally secure the mounting hardware onto the wall with appropriate screws or anchors and attach your iron board to complete your installation.

Where Should You Place Your Iron Board?

When deciding where to place your wall mounting ironing board, take into consideration the power sources needed for use, adequate working space and ease of access. Some areas to consider may include a laundry room closet or a thin area near the bedroom. Test out different locations with your leveler to ensure you have found the perfect spot before drilling in the wall mount.

Wall Mounting Ironing Board
Wall Mounting Ironing Board

Maximize Storage with Accessories and Hooks.

Make the most of your space by adding hooks and accessories to the wall surrounding your ironing board. Hooks are great for storing your iron when not in use, as well as hanging extra linens and clothing near the board for easy access while you’re busy ironing. Additionally, consider shelving units to store needed supplies like starch or fabric conditioner – they look great while keeping essential items within reach.

Wall Mounting Ironing Board
Wall Mounting Ironing Board

Making the Most of Valuable Wall Space with Multipurpose Items.

For households with limited wall space, consider utilizing multipurpose items that can create a functional and stylish access point to your ironing board. Hang simple racks along the walls to store items like gloves, sponges, and fabric protectant sheets. Or more intricate shelves that provide additional storage alongside your board. Repurpose boxes or crates to house items like scissors, sewing needles, threader tubes, or measuring tapes – all of which are helpful during an ironing session! This way you don’t need to refer back and forth between supplies and the board as often. Your board will look great – and function even better!

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