Top 10 Best Cricketing Moments Of India

Best Cricketing Moments

India is a Cricket crazy nation and Indian cricketers are worshipped like gods. Indian fans love the game and almost everyone has an opinion about it. They are always there to cheer their loved cricketers no matter where the team is playing. Be it any corner of the planet, you will find Indians supporting their team. This not only motivates the players to do well but also creates a great atmosphere. With so many heroes in Indian cricket history, fans all over the world have seen some of the finest moments in Indian cricket, and in this post, we are going to rank our picks of 10 best cricketing moments of India till 2022.

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10 Best Cricketing Moments of India

#10 – Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 Runs

Our No. 10th pick for best cricketing moments of India is Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 runs knock.

‘First man on the planet to reach 200 and it’s a Super Man from India – Sachin Tendulkar’ were the words of the commentator Ravi Shastri. Sachin has indeed been the Super Man of Cricket and If there was anyone to reach this milestone, this ‘Everest’, it is certainly the batting great Sachin Tendulkar.

It was a match against South Africa on 24th February 2010 when the Little Master achieve this landmark. All of the teammates and fans in the stadium were jumping with joy, enjoying witnessing history being made and applauding the superhuman effort. This very difficult achievement that came years after the first ever cricket ODI match makes it one of the best cricketing moments in Indian cricket.

#9 – Retirement of Sachin Tendulkar

Top 10 Best Cricketing Moments Of India
Sachin Tendulkar’s Retirement (Image Source:

One of the most emotional moments on our list of best cricketing moments in India is Sachin’s retirement from international cricket.

It was on Nov 15, 2013, exactly 24 years after his debut that Sachin Tendulkar walked out on the field for one last time for his international innings. A special date that marks the beginning and end of an era. It’s a day when India stood still and watched Sachin giving his farewell speech.

It is a day when billions in the world watched the God of cricket bidding adieu to his illustrious international career. It’s a day that gave goosebumps to one and all. The day was like no other. One of the finest moments in Indian cricket history, the No. 9 at the best cricketing moments of India.

#8 – Anil Kumble 10 Wicket Haul

Best Cricketing Moments Of India
Anil Kumble 10 Wicket Haul (Image Source:

Taking all 10 wickets in an inning is a feat that only three bowlers can boast of. One of them is the legendary spinner, Anil Kumble. This is going to be in every list of the best cricketing moments.

This moment is very special for India because it came in a test match against the arch-rivals Pakistan in the year 1999. Moreover, the amazing achievement was accomplished more than 40 years after its first occurrence in 1956 by an English player JC Laker. Scalping all 10 wickets happens very very rarely in cricket and that makes it our pick no 8 in the list.

#7 – Kapil Dev’s 175-Run World Cup Knock

Top 10 Best Cricketing Moments Of India
Kapil Dev scored an unbeaten 175 in a World Cup match in 1983

On 18th June 1983, Kapil Dev played this gem of a knock in the World Cup match against Zimbabwe. The importance of this inning can be judged by the fact that India was 5 down for just 17 runs when Kapil walked in to bat and remained unbeaten.

Scoring 175* in just 138 balls Kapil hit 16 fours and 6 sixes. This superhuman effort with a massive strike rate of nearly 127 (imagine this in 1983) not only saved the match for India but secured them a berth in the semi-finals. This knock of self-belief, pride, and leadership is our pick No. 7 on the list of best cricketing moments.

#6 – Winning T-20 Cricket World Cup Final 2007

10 Best Cricketing Moments of India
Indian Team Winning The Inaugural T-20 World Cup in 2007

Our next pick for the best cricketing moments of Indian Cricket is becoming the T-20 World Champions in 2007. It was the year of the inaugural T-20 world cup that was played in South Africa.

The first edition of the T-20 World Cup which was won by India had some of the best cricketing moments. One of them was Yuvraj Singh’s 6 sixes and the other one was the tied match between India & Pakistan which was later decided through a ball out. India defeated Pakistan 3-0.

Winning the first edition of the T-20 World cup has to be one of the finest moments in Indian Cricket, as they say, everyone remembers who came first.

#5 – Natwest 2002 Series Final Match

2002, July 13, Natwest series decider match has to be one of the most memorable victories of Indian one-day cricket history. This is our fifth pick for the best cricketing moments. Indians chased down the mammoth target of 326 to win the match against England.

This particular match is memorable not only because of the heroics of Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif who won India this final match from a difficult situation but also the vibrant celebration of the then skipper Sourav Ganguly who took off his shirt and swirl it animatedly at the Lord’s balcony.

These scenes are forever engraved in every Indian cricket fan’s mind making it one of the best cricketing moments of Indian cricket history.

#4 – 6 Balls 6 Sixes of Yuvraj Singh

It was the year 2007, Sept 19, the first edition of the T-20 World Cup, and India was playing against England. It was the 19th over of the Indian innings, and the bowler was Stuart broad.

Just before this Yuvraj Sing had an argument with Andrew Flintoff which perhaps rubbed him the wrong way. The outcome was 6,6,6,6,6,6 and a half-century ‘completed’ in just 12 balls. It was a historic moment as it had happened for the first time ever in the shortest format of the game.

6 balls and 6 sixes converted the stadium into a party venue. Fans were dancing and jumping with joy and Yuvraj Singh became a sensation. Eventually, India won the match and went on to become the first-ever world T20 champions. 6 balls 6 sixes of Yuvraj Singh are at the fourth position in our list of best cricketing moments of Indian cricket

#3 – Venkatesh Prasad VS Amir Sohail Confrontation

One of the best cricketing moments that is possibly watched repeatedly. Perhaps Venkatesh Prasad and Amir Sohail are more famous for this moment than their bowling and batting prowess respectively. For sure, no Indian requires any detailed explanation about the incident that happened in the 1996 World Cup quarter-final match.

It is undoubtedly one of the most watched clips on YouTube. It all happened in the 15th over of the match when Amir Sohail hit Prasad for a boundary. After the shot, Aamir tried getting under Venky’s skin as he went down the pitch to point his fingers and bat suggesting to Prasad that he is going to hit the next ball in the same direction.

Prasad, however, answered with his ball, that too in the very next delivery itself. He knocked over the batsman’s stumps. Aamir was cleaned bowled and on the way to the pavilion while Prasad was celebrating, having the last laugh. This blazing confrontation is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and best cricketing moments in Indian cricket history.

#2 – Winning World Cup Final of 1983

Best Cricketing Moments Of India
Captain Kapil Dev Receiving The Winner’s Trophy of the 1983 World Cup

The 1983 World Cup is special for two reasons. One, no one expected the team to win the matches let alone win the world cup, and secondly, how India went on to defeat West Indies the reigning champions twice, and become the world champions themselves.

Winning the world cup not only brought hope to millions of Indians and made them proud but also inspired a whole generation to take up cricket as their career and make India proud. Kapil Dev made sure that he instilled the much-needed belief in the team and went on to become the champion from being underdogs in the tournament.

Winning against all odds and holding that trophy in the lord’s gallery are definitely the makings of a fairy tale. A fairy tale that every Indian will remember for their whole life as one of the best cricketing moments of Indian Cricket history.

Honorable Mentions: Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 Centuries

Fans all over the world were waiting for this. It had never happened in history that someone has scored a century of centuries. It is indeed a difficult record to hold and seems as if it will remain unbroken for a long time to come.

Sachin scored his 100th Century against Bangladesh in Bangladesh on 16th March 2012. It was his 49th ODI century. Finally, the wait was over.

#1 – India Won the 2011 World Cup

The best cricketing moments of all time came with a shot that will be remembered forever. Who can forget the image of Mahendra Singh Dhoni hitting that ‘winning’ six over long-on? The image, the MSD’s pose is etched in the memory of every Indian cricket fan.

Indians were one of the favorites going into the tournament however, the final between India and Sri Lanka did not prove to be a cakewalk for the Indians. Surprisingly, promoting himself up the batting order, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the India captain came to bat when India was struggling and had lost many important batsmen.

Top 10 Best Cricketing Moments Of India
The 2011 World Cup Winning Six by Dhoni

Promoting himself ahead of Yuvraj Singh at the crucial stage of the match is one of the most interesting topics in Indian cricket. Though Yuvraj Singh had been in great touch throughout the tournament, Dhoni promoted himself ahead of Yuvraj which proved to be a great cricketing decision.

This moment in Indian cricket was long awaited and the six which won India the match can be regarded as the most remembered shot in cricket history. With this shot, India Won the 2011 World Cup.

The 2011 world cup win was also different and special because of so many reasons. No country had ever won the World Cup while hosting the tournament before this. Secondly, this was the last World cup to be played by Sachin Tendulkar who had this one feather missing from his cap. Thirdly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni before this final match knock had performed averagely in the tournament but in the finals, he came to the party and led from the front. Also, Yuvraj Singh was suffering from cancer while performing at the best of his life which won him the man of the tournament award.

Winning the 2011 Cricket world cup is our top pick of the best cricketing moments of Indian cricket and it is going to be the number one for a long long time.

Let us know your views about our Top 10 best cricketing moments of Indian cricket. Share your thoughts in the comments section. if you liked our picks, share them on social media.

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